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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One of the good things about being a nerd...

... is that at times when you need cheering up, like when you lose at scrabble, or you can’t find anyone to play the new Arkham horror extension with you, you can cheer yourself up by making nerd jokes. Nerd jokes are superior to regular jokes because while regular jokes are funny, nerd jokes provide the teller and listener the extra advantage of also identifying a fellow nerd. They can even serve to be the basis of a future nerd friendship.

This, of course, is a perennial favorite:

Although there are many others that will also do the job. For example, this one:

Renee Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks if he wants a drink. “I think not!” he says, and disappears.

Or another classic:

Heisenberg is driving along the highway, when he sees a cop car behind him. He pulls over, and the policeman gets out and comes over to the car. “Do you know how fast you were going, sir?” he asks.

“No,” says Heisenberg. “But I know exactly where I am!”

If the person you are talking to laughs at any of these jokes in a non-just-being-polite manner, you know you have a fellow nerd and new friend. So begins a lifetime (or half an hour, depending on whether or not you like them) discussing the new 70-minute Phantom Menace review and building model starships together.

Of course, with this t-shirt you don’t have to even speak out loud to draw fellow nerds to yourself. Wear the shirt, and express your nerdy humor without even opening your mouth!

1 comment:

Rizzo Tees said...

hahaaaaa that shirt is great

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