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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Look! Shiny!

ADHD. Maybe you’ve got the form that needs to be treated with medication before you can keep your life in order. Maybe you have a milder version, and are just sitting at a computer with 15 different browser tabs open, your eyes occasionally flicking to the Media Player screen open at the top left corner of your monitor, while all the while your mind wonders about whether or not you should check out the definition of ‘palimpsest’ and what kind of bird could possibly be making that weird squeaking noise you hear in the distance.

It’s not an easy life for these semi-sufferers, but for many of us, it’s a satisfactory one. Unmedicated but not quite among the normals, we go through our days endlessly amused by wind chimes and passing butterflies, and mentally building up lists of things to Google later and add to our trusty collection of browser tabs. For those of us on Ritalin, the onset of medication time is reliably indicated by our suddenly renewed interest on what that bug is doing there, and how long – wait, what?

The good news for all of those affected by ADHD is that among all the developmental disorders out there, it’s probably the one that’s easiest to make jokes about. Joking about autism or Angelman’s syndrome seems at least kind of wrong, but the existence of ADHD allows us to enjoy videos such as this:

Now, you can celebrate your membership of this exclusive club with this t-shirt:

And if anyone doesn’t get the logo, the shirt will give you good motivation to go on talking to them long enough to explain it, before you get distracted by the flashing sign down the road and have to politely excuse yourself.

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